Thursday, 15 August 2013

RP Band Competition Presents: Tell Lie Vision


Tell Lie Vision is a 5-piece Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore band that formed in September 2012. We have participated and won 1st runner up in Thunder Band Slam 2012 and have played local gigs since then. With hard-hitting breakdowns and melodic riffs, we aim to bring our sound to the masses. Headbanging is assured.


Muhammad Hasif Bin Jasman - Vocalist.
Hairul Bakhtiar Bin Azman - Guitarist.
Vikkash Suruchand - Guitarist.
Muhammad Irfan Bin Samsuri - Bassist.
Muhammad Afiq Bin Musa - Drummer.

Ready for some headbanging? Do some damage with the boys from Tell Lie Vision together with 4 other bands at South Agora today at 4.30PM!

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