Thursday, 22 August 2013

IGNITE! presents: RP Band Competition Finals

Held on the 15th of August, the RP Band Competition’s purpose is to serve as a platform designed for students and alumni members of RP to showcase their talents. The prize at stake was the opportunity to share the IGNITE! stage with local acts such as Caracal, The Summer State and The Sam Willows along with the Jammerz Arena and Replug IG. Five bands gave their all on RP’s South Agora stage to not only win that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but also to impress the audience.  

By Haiqal Sari and Udaiya Shakti

GOLDEN TICKET: The RP Band Auditions provides a platform for the school’s very own musicians to gain recognition for their talent. (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

WHO’S WHO: A notepad left by the backstage crew with the band line-up written down along with the logistics of each band. The varying requirements of each act made it a very meticulous task for the crew. (Photo credit: Udaiya Shakti)

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Temple Shift, the first band to perform, drew loud cheers as the audience sang along to their song “Descension”. Vocalist Norman Tay (middle) absorbs the energy of the audience before the start of their set. (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

COASTLINES: Formed in late 2012, pop punk band Coastlines got their name from the fact that all of the members live in Pasir Ris. Leaving their hardcore band Bridges while it was on hiatus, Shahril (guitars), Niki (drums) and Izzat (vocals) developed an interest in pop punk, with American band The Story So Far as their main influence. With the recruitment of Adri (guitars) from hardcore band Limits, – followed by Ammar (bass) – Coastlines was formed. (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

FAN’S FAVOURITE: Coastlines frontman Izzat taking a breather midway through the band’s first song “Distance” to acknowledge a fan’s screams of “Izzat!” He had a part in writing and composing the two songs which the band performed, the second being “I Still Remember”. (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

“HEADS UP, WE’RE NEVER GIVING THIS UP”: With lyrical themes based on life’s harsh lessons, Cheers To the Past were formed back in 2011 by four ex-Republic Polytechnic students from the Replug IG and have been together ever since, with an EP currently in the works. The auditions, held at the South Agora, drew more than just the curious passer-by, with friends and fans of the participating bands – not forgetting neutral music lovers – lending their support. (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…: All five bands were invited up on stage in anticipation of the judges’ final decisions which were revealed by emcees Natasha and Van (far left and far right, with microphones). (Photo credit: Haiqal Sari)

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