Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Power Acoustic: An Acoustic Affair

By Nadia Al-Insyirah

Last year, Replug and Jammerz Arena shared a stage for IGNITE! Fringe event, Arts Platter. This year, both Interest Groups (IG) were given the opportunity to have their own solo productions!

On the 14th August 2013, Replug IG managed to gather a strong crowd at South Agora who watched their Arts Platter production titled: Power Acoustic. Bringing their own rendition of familiar songs to the audience, it got the crowd hyped up, which eventually led them to sing along with the performers. With the accompaniment of only guitars, bass, keyboard and cajóns, Replug managed to show the audience wonders of what unplugged music can do.

Missing a drum to provide the thumping beats that will make you tap your foot and bob your heads? Fret not because Replug’s very own beat boxer, Shafiq, added life to the songs with his beats, giving an adrenaline rush to both the audience and the performers themselves.

Beat the box: Prince (a Replug junior) on the cajón.

Their first song was a mash-up of well-known classics which are none other than Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ and Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’. The vocalists belted out their strong vocals with little to no mistakes making the songs sound flawless. The one of the highlights of the show would be none other than the mash-up version of famous old school rock song, ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ originally sung by Arrows in 1975. Replug gave a breath of fresh air to the song, adding a layer of beat boxing which gives the song a hip hop feel.

“All I wanted was to sing my heart out. I thought the performance went pretty well but I know I can always do better! I was so hyped up after the performance and wanted to do more!” said junior vocalist, Mohammad Shyaifuddin, 19.

‘Power Acoustic’ is his debut performance as a new member of Replug. Shyaifuddin said that he was grateful that he has been given the opportunity by his seniors to perform for the show. “We didn’t know how to react when it our seniors informed us via Whatsapp. We were definitely happy and excited to perform! But one thing’s for sure was that we were definitely nervous”.

Besides his group of friends who were down to cheer him on, a group that he holds dearly came down to encourage him as well. This group of supporter were none other than his parents who came down to South Agora to catch a glimpse of their son flaunting his talent.

Pillar of support: Mohammad Shyaifuddin and his parents who came down to support their son. 

The performance that stole the hearts of many would be an all gentlemen band from Replug who took the stage and performed ‘N Sync’s ‘Pop’. Aside from that, the highlight of their performance would be them performing Pussycat Doll’s hit song, ‘Buttons’. The reason they chose this song specifically was because they wanted to show to the audience their definition of sexiness. “Not only female can be sexy. We men can pull of our version of sexy as well!” said Mohamad Rusydi, vocalist. Did they pull it off well? They definitely did!

Replug will be performing as an opening act for the second day of IGNITE! Music Festival on the 24th August! If you cannot get enough of acoustic music, be sure to come down to support Replug because they promised an amazing performance!

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