Tuesday, 19 June 2012

CLASH of the BANDS 2012

CLASH of the BANDS (& SOLO) is a rock / pop competition that is based on an a typical concept!

Visit www.trinityrock.com for full information about this exciting certifications.

   "As there never was any 'educational' path in rock / pop music, many could only grasp the

concept through their own interpretations. 

This changed when TRINITY ROCK & POP, the exciting new certifications was introduced in

Features of this event includes: FREE written report for ALL performance entries by TRINITY
ROCK & POP, and Clinics and Seminars.Judges of CLASH of the BANDS consists of Mr. 
Iskandar Ismail (Singapore's Premier Music Composer and Director), and Mr. David Bobby 
(Trinity Rock & Pop)"

Adapted from CLASH of the BANDS official FB page: CLASH-of-the-BANDS

CLASH of the BANDS is actually part of IGNITE! Music Festival 2012's fringe events. These
fringe events would be leading up to the main highlight on the 6th and 7th of July 2012.

The semi-finals for CLASH of the BANDS would be held on the 23rd and 24th of June.
The Grand Finals will be held on 29 June 2012 at 2pm.
VENUE: Republic Polytechnic - South Agora

Plus the chance to perform at

For more information about the event, stay tuned to our IGNITE! Facebook Page!

Friday, 15 June 2012

2011: Passion for music, IGNITEs Compassions for others.


Hair for Hope, jointly organised by the Republic Polytechnic and Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) was held at RP on 1st July 2011 to raise funds and awareness about childhood cancer. The event was held in conjunction with the Polytechnic’s annual IGNITE! Music Festival which aims to promote passion and compassion.  Republic Polytechnic was the first Institute of Higher Learning to hold a Hair for Hope satellite event back in 2009.  This year marks the third year of this event in RP.

Sacrificing one’s hair takes a lot of courage and devotion, especially for females. Last year, Republic Polytechnic student, Ms Neo Guat Chiu, gamely shaved off her waist-length long locks in support of the cause.

 Having a shaved head is nothing to be ashamed of.  After all, you are doing it to help someone else,” -Ms Neo Guat Chiu

Again for IGNITE! 2011, we received media coverage in The New Paper 

This year’s line-up included the well-loved Typewriter, Caracal, Plainsunset, The Sets Band, Inch Chua & The Metric System, Fatskunks, Giants Must Fall, Barricade, Tacit Aria, Sixx and West Grand Boulevard. Republic Polytechnic music Interest Groups Jammerz Arena and Replug, who specialize in rock music and acoustic songs respectively, also performed. Formed out of pure passion, the music IGs meet up regularly to hone their skills and share their fervor for music.       

'Come on, sing with me!' 
 IGNITE! has always been about reuniting fans with their favorite local performers.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”― Victor Hugo

Awesome base solo by one of the performers.
Aarika from Sixx

The audience put their hands up with the "Rock On" hand sign in
respect and honour for the amazing performance.

Rock N Roll, ain't noise pollution. 

Hours and hours of practice finally paid off as the musicians played with ease during 
their set.

The red lights casted an eerie glow on the audience. 
Rock you like a hurricane!

Vocalist from Caracal straining his vocal cords!

The audience was enthusiastic about volunteering for the games on-stage.

IGNITE 2011 was legend....wait for it...dairy (not for
 the lactose intolerant)! 

The question really is, are YOU ready for IGNITE! 2012? 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2010: IGNITE! rocks out, rain or shine.


For IGNITE! 2010, we had extensive media coverage in The New Paper,
 extolling IGNITE's efforts.

Here are some of the band-line up for IGNITE! 2010
B-Quartets' mugshot
Meza Virs

Zero Sequence 

The Fire Fight



The immense action from the audience was contagious!
Cause Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.
All You Need Is Love
One of the musicians was even crowd surfing.
In the end, it's just about having a good time & enjoying good music.

The pure elation on the performer's face screams of nirvana.
The psychedelic infused lightings got the audience transfixed into a trance. 

IGNITE! 2010 was well-recieved by the audience and this years' line-up was impressive with over 30 performers in just two days! 

Interested in looking at the photos from IGNITE! 2011? Stay tuned and look out for updates on; 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/IgniteMusicFestival 
Twitter: @IgniteMusicFest

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

2009: IGNITE! The music festival with a heart


Interview with Kelly Kuan for 2009's IGNITE by JobsDB Campus

Ex-Head (Arts Business & Marketing) of The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) & the Co-Festival Director

 What was the theme for 2009's music festival?

"It’s Passion and Compassion – passion for the music, and compassion for humanity as we aim to raise awareness for youth volunteerism.  That’s why you see booths from Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) such as Children’s Cancer Foundation, Singapore Association for the Visually-Handicapped and Operation Smile set up alongside our students’ Service-Learning projects."

Some of the band line-up included the audiences’ favourite such as 'heregoesnoth!ng’, 'Trella', 'A Vacant Affair' and 'The Great Spy Experiment'


A Vacant Affair

The Great Spy Experiment
The audience was waiting in anticipation for the next band to perform.

What makes a good show? An audience which is full of enthusiasm of course! 
The audience was clapping their hands according to steady rhythm of 
the drums & guitars \m/
"RP Lawn transformed from an ordinary green turf to our stunning festive ground, 
much like what one would expect to see only in concerts 
at Fort Canning Park." 
-Kelly Kuan
Die hard fans donned the signature black tees with the classic lightning emblem.

The awesome effects can once again be attributed to the dedicated team at TRCC.

The one thing that made IGNITE! Music Festival what it was, was the great causes that they supported not only in '09, but in the subsequent ones as well.

Look out for more interesting stories and articles from our blog real soon!

Monday, 11 June 2012

2008: The birth of the legendary Music Festival, IGNITE!


Pirate jolly roger border

The first year was nothing but extravagant with fire twirlers, lighting and sounds that would put a nightclub to shame and of course, not forgetting the fans who partied hard!

The Republic Cultural Centre's (TRCC) Assistant Director, Mr Tony Kam, on the birth of IGNITE! 

Mr Tony Kam backstage!

Who came up with the idea of IGNITE?

"The idea came out of one of our ex-staff, Kelly Kuan, who thought of coming up with some sort of a music festival as a platform that was similar to Arts Platter. We thought of it as a mini 'Woodstock'.'' -Tony Kam (Assistant director of TRCC)

When IGNITE was first launched back in 2008, the organizers were
afraid of the bad turnout due to the weather, but that didn't deter the
determined fans from turning up.

The bands practiced very hard & their efforts were definitely paid off by
giving the audience a heck of a show!

"The initial years of IGNITE was self-supported especially the first year, as all of the
technical equipment was supported by TRCC except for the tentage of course.
 No other polytechnic have used most of their in-house equipment and lighting/
sound designers’ expertise, for an entire music festival production."
-Tony Kam 

The show was a perfect synchronization of music and colours all thanks
to the amazing lighting and sound designers.

 Fire twirlers were also part of this year's IGNITE & they gave a wonderful
spectacle to the awe inspired audience.
Another impressive act by the fire twirlers! For those who are wondering about
safety, much assured, no one was injured.

How did IGNITE! provided as a platform for local talent
to showcase their musical abilities?

"In 2008, we didn’t have a real platform for the local bands or talents to be recognized as most of them were sporadically spread out all over and also due to the fact that most of the locals made more of an effort to see the international bands.

 IGNITE was a concentrated platform which reunites local bands on a bigger scale.
The community appreciated this and they were also allowed to play their original music as
opposed to playing covers of other more renouned bands even though the original
may not go down with the audience very well. 

The fact that these people, audience and performers alike, keep coming back every year, says a lot."


All in all, the first year of IGNITE! Music Festival was anything but a

huge success and it would continue to be so for the next three years!