Tuesday, 12 June 2012

2009: IGNITE! The music festival with a heart


Interview with Kelly Kuan for 2009's IGNITE by JobsDB Campus

Ex-Head (Arts Business & Marketing) of The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) & the Co-Festival Director

 What was the theme for 2009's music festival?

"It’s Passion and Compassion – passion for the music, and compassion for humanity as we aim to raise awareness for youth volunteerism.  That’s why you see booths from Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) such as Children’s Cancer Foundation, Singapore Association for the Visually-Handicapped and Operation Smile set up alongside our students’ Service-Learning projects."

Some of the band line-up included the audiences’ favourite such as 'heregoesnoth!ng’, 'Trella', 'A Vacant Affair' and 'The Great Spy Experiment'


A Vacant Affair

The Great Spy Experiment
The audience was waiting in anticipation for the next band to perform.

What makes a good show? An audience which is full of enthusiasm of course! 
The audience was clapping their hands according to steady rhythm of 
the drums & guitars \m/
"RP Lawn transformed from an ordinary green turf to our stunning festive ground, 
much like what one would expect to see only in concerts 
at Fort Canning Park." 
-Kelly Kuan
Die hard fans donned the signature black tees with the classic lightning emblem.

The awesome effects can once again be attributed to the dedicated team at TRCC.

The one thing that made IGNITE! Music Festival what it was, was the great causes that they supported not only in '09, but in the subsequent ones as well.

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