Thursday, 15 August 2013

RP Band Competition Presents: Cheers To The Past


Cheers To The Past is a band inspired to solely driven to write songs based on life lessons to reach out to those who is going through hard times.

Formed in the year 2011 by four ex-Republic Poly students who have been an active members in the Replug IG,our aim is to reached out to those people out there and to share our stories in our songs. The band aspire to get those on their knees back up,to look at their past on the brighter side & move on with a smile:) We like to believe things do happen for a reason.

Exploring new roots & hybrid tuning, we always hope to bring new "taste" to those out there!

"Heads up, we're never giving this up"

The Everest Is Ours To Claim!


Daeng Nur Fithriyah Binte Amer (Vocalist)
Mohammad Alif Bin Jamal (Guitarist)
Muhammad Ali Bin Haron (Guitarist)
Syed Ahmad Alwi Syed Abdullah (Bassist)
Muhammad Ismadi Bin Jamaluddin (Drummer)

Be sure to catch them and 4 other bands at the RP Band Competition today at South Agora, 4.30PM

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