Thursday, 22 August 2013

Embracing The Power of Acoustic Music

Replug drew a crowd of students during the Arts Platter held in South Agora on the 14th of August with their unique chord-driven genre called power acoustic.

By Naadiah Badib

THE MAIN STAGE: The stage was set up especially for the week-long Arts Platter series which started from the 13th of August, with Replug performing the following day. 

 GIRL POWER: To kick start the show, the four female vocalists (above) sang harmoniously to Destiny Child’s “Survivor”.

JUNIORS TAKEOVER: The juniors of Replug, Dominic and Faizal performing a mash-up of “I love rock n roll”. Upon joining the Replug family just this year, this is their first performance in front of a crowd.

STOP AND STARE: Following into the show, the crowd starts to grow with more students as they stop to have a second look and enjoy the performances.

MAD FOR MUSIC: Amongst the performers was pianist, Ron Tan (above).He suffers 80% of hearing loss. Despite his disability, Ron is dedicated to his craft –music. 

PUT YOUR GROOVE ON: Bassist, Zaim, dances to the beat as he strums to Zedd’s “Clarity”. Replug’s rendition of the top-charted song excited many amongst the crowd.

FIRING UP THE CROWD: Vocalist, Danial, invites the audience to join in the performance and sing along to his rendition of, “Pop” by ‘Nsync.

BAND BEHIND THE MUSIC: Replug’s band consists of an acoustic guitarist, bassist, cajon and drum players.

JOB WELL DONE: After putting on the half an hour show, the performers gathered together for a debrief and exchanged praises.

THE REPLUG FAMILY: Be sure to catch their performance for the upcoming IGNITE! Music Festival set on the 24th of August.

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