Friday, 2 August 2013

Replug IG | Arts Platter: Power Acoustic

By Nadia Al-Insyiraah

Formed in 2007, Replug is a music group that expresses their passion and love for their art through unplugged music. Over the years, Replug have been garnering attention and won the hearts of many people with their outstanding and unique performances evident with the 382,324 views they have garnered on their Youtube Page. Replug has always been recognised for being brave in adding their own flavour to the songs they choose to perform, reinterpreting them to give them a brand new feel. Transforming a rock song to Reggae? No problem. Replug can do just about that.

Replug have performed for various well known events such as Rhythms by the Bay, YFest and not forgetting the band ‘Here Goes Nothing’, from Replug, have also performed for Channel 5’s ‘Live N Loaded’ before. Thus, it is not surprising that another band from Replug, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, were also one of the finalists for Thunder Band Slam 2012, an Inter-Polytechnic Band Competition held last year. Some of their past members include, Tabitha Nauser and Farhan Syah, both are finalists for Singapore Idol in 2009. Tabitha even clinched the second runner up for the nationwide competition.

With a production named ‘Power Acoustic’, Replug is set to perform a wide genre of songs ranging from well-known classics such as ‘No Diggity’ and ‘I love Rock N Roll’ to Jessie J’s hit song, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ as part of the IGNITE! Music Festival 2013 Arts Platter Series.

“For this year’s Arts Platter, we’re going to show people that acoustic music is not just about sitting at the void deck screaming your lungs out to emotional songs. We’re going to show people we can do wonders with acoustic music.” said Danial Zahirulhaq, a vocalist from Replug.

Being supporters of local music themselves, Replug strongly encourages all to attend IGNITE! Music Festival. “There will be a lot of well-known local bands rocking out the stage. Having different genres of music coming together on one stage is just spectacular. IGNITE! is a music festival you definitely don’t want to miss!”

Besides Replug, Jammerz Arena will also be sharing the stage with famous local bands and the champion of Clash of the Bands, Take Cover for IGNITE! Music Festival, Singapore’s biggest local music festival on the 23rd and 24th August at Republic Polytechnic.

To give audience a teaser of what IGNITE! is all about, Replug will be performing for “Power Acoustic” that will be showcased on the 14th August so we hope to see all of you at the South Agora to join in the festive merriment of IGNITE! 2013.

Do check out RP Replug’s youtube page at:

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