Thursday, 20 August 2015

Slick Snips at The ‘A’ Street

by Rachel Ng

Haji Lane is a name familiar to many. It’s got offbeat graffiti art on alleyway walls, whimsical boutiques and hipster cafes all residing on one street. On the second floor of one of its shophouses lies a quaint barber shop that can be easy to miss if you don’t observe closely enough.

The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop prides itself as your friendly local barber - walk down to shophouse number 53, and you’re instantly greeted by the traditional barber pole right in front, and its equally striking signboard along with it too.

24-year-olds Nooris Fadzli, Muhd Khairi Bin Sulaihi, Alfian bin Juffri (from left to right) are the resident barbers of The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop, which opened about three months ago.

Head barber Khairi (pictured above), did his first haircut almost ten years ago, when he was in Secondary 2. A passion sparked - he cut his friends’ hair in school, and continued to practice haircutting at the same time. A barber shop spotted his haircuts on Instagram soon after, and contacted him to cut at their shop.

After his stint as a barber, his very own The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop was born. Not having any rules or practices for his barbers, Khairi believes in letting his barbers do what they want with their own style with no restrictions.

The ‘A’ Street also takes in apprentices, such as 18-year-old Aqil Swafiq. He was also taken in after his haircuts were spotted on Instagram, just like Khairi back then.

It’s evident that these guys love what they do, and it’s easily proven with one thing: the look on their faces when they’re on the job. The passion and concentration on their faces, the laughter exchanged when they’re making conversations with their customers. To them, they’re not just customers - they’re friends.

Fun fact: They’re also Manchester United fans!

So what will they be bringing to IGNITE! Music Festival this year? Providing haircuts, of course! And at a discounted price no less! It’ll be one of the most unique booths at the festival, being the only one that’s indoor and air-conditioned. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to sit down in a barber’s chair, get your hair cut and styled, while watching a free concert at the same time. They’ll also be bringing Byrd hairdo products and pomade, made in California, to give you that slick look for the festival.

Don’t miss the chance and head on over to IGNITE! Music Festival on 21 - 22 Aug 2015, where The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop will be having their very first pop-up booth, operating from 3pm to 8pm!

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