Tuesday, 18 August 2015

All Fired Up For IGNITE!

by Fasiha Nazren

All Fired Up! is a fringe event to showcase Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) very own Jammerz Arena (JA) who will also be performing at this year’s IGNITE! Music Festival. It was held on August 12th at South Agora in RP. This fringe event featured 4 JA bands – The Scarlets, Not So Average Joes, Keepsake and Still Wanna Bees. Making a guest performance was JA’s very own alumni, Tell Lie Vision.

Set Fire To The Stage: Jammerz Arena got the crowd singing along with their rendition of popular hits
such as Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. PHOTO BY: AZMI ATHNI/PHOTO REPUBLIC IG

The heart wrenching performance of How Does It Feel by Citizen pulled the heart strings of many. This finale item was even more meaningful to Syed Ali, 20, guitarist for the Not So Average Joes, as he dedicated this song to a relative who has recently passed on.

Though the last song touched the hearts of many, the other performances got the crowd banging their heads and singing along to the bands. Taking the stage by storm, JA also performed rocking renditions of 4 other popular songs. This included Set Fire To The Rain by Adele and That’s What You Get by Paramore.

Outstanding: Tell Lie Vision got their stage presence felt not only with their outstanding set,
but also with the constant interaction with the crowd.

Alternative rock and post hardcore band, Tell Lie Vision, definitely didn’t disappoint the crowd. The quintet performed four songs, including an original, Reconcile. The band definitely felt at home on stage as they belt their hearts out and also dropped jokes to get the crowd pumped. The constant interaction with the crowd proved worthy as the crowd began to sing along to the chorus of Reconcile with them.

“It felt really nice and great to be back and perform in RP. It’s like playing on your home ground.” said Vikkash Suruchand, 23, guitarist for Tell Lie Vision.

Put Your Hearts Up: The audience certainly enjoyed the performance put up during ALL FIRED UP! as they flashed
hearts with their hands and cheered for the performers.

Without a doubt, the performers gained more recognition and fans after giving an awesome performance. This includes Danial Japri, 19, a second-year Aerospace student.

“Personally, I didn’t know much about JA and have no interest in the local music scene. But after listening to their performances, they actually took me by surprise and are very good at what they do.” shared Danial.

For those that missed out this fringe event, not to worry as JA will be putting on an even bigger and better performance for the first day of IGNITE! Music Festival.

“It is definitely going to be more pumped up than All Fired Up!. The songs we chose for IGNITE! will have bigger projection but will still touch the hearts of many.” said Faith Ng, 20, vocalist for The Scarlets.

IGNITE! Music Festival happens this Friday and Saturday, 21 and 22 Aug, 4pm, at Republic Polytechnic Lawn. 

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