Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Bustling End To IGNITE!: Day 2 Highlights

by Fasiha Nazren

After an awesome night for day one of IGNITE! Music Festival, day two was bound to be a good show. We had punk rock bands such as Attention! The New Portsdown, alternative rock bands with the likes of Take Two and even winner of Singapore Idol, Sezairi.

Unparalleled Gratitude: Runner-up of IGNITE! Band Auditions, were thankful for the support given from both the fans and the crew. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN

Opening up the second day was runner-up for IGNITE! Band Auditions 2015, Vessel. They were definitely the perfect choice as the opening act since they got the crowd excited from the very beginning. Performing hits such as What Will You Defend and Calibri, the flock of fans came closer to the stage so they wouldn’t miss out on their set. The alternative rock quintet ended their stage by showing their gratitude to the fans and crew for giving an unparalleled hospitality.

The band who got the crowd eager for them to perform as they handled some technical difficulties was none other than Iman’s League. Fortunately, the winner for IGNITE! Band Auditions 2015 were quick to entertain the crowd with their witty and hilarious conversations with the crowd. Playing songs such as Lisa, it was no wonder that they won the 3rd edition of IGNITE! Band Auditions.

Taking the stage next was none other than 6-piece pop punk rock band, Attention! The New Portsdown (ATNP). A growing name in the music industry, ATNP got the audience hot on their feet as they performed tracks such as Circles. They got the crowd wanting more as they ended their set.

Singing His Lungs Out: Vocalist of Take Two took the hearts of the crowd away as he sang some original songs as well as a cover of Peter, Bjorn & John's Young Folks. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN

The charming boys of Take Two crooned their way to the audience’s hearts. The five-piece indie rock band performed both originals such as Luna and a cover of Peter, Bjorn & John’s Young Folks. Making their set more personal, they got the crowd to clap along with them as they sang Always Been Right Here. It goes without saying that the band left the stage satisfied.

The crowd went insane the moment The Full Pledge Munkees took the stage. The ska punk quintet energised the crowd with Malay songs such as Mimpi and Positif as well as an English song titled Come Back Home. The audience bade farewell to the band with a heavy heart.

Rocking On: The lineup for the second day of IGNITE! obviously left this music lover impressed as he continued to head bang to the singing of every act. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN

Instrumental post-rock band, In Each Hand A Cutlass, made the crowd head bang from the very beginning of their set. Playing a 30-minute set, the band gave the audience what they wanted for the last song – a heavy metal one. At the end of the set, the crowd became more energetic due to the electrifying performance.

Singapore Idol sweetheart, Sezairi, made both the fangirls and the fanboys scream their lungs away as he took on the stage. Opening with a top favourite titled, Sayang. He even teased the crowd with a couple of songs that will be featured in his soon-to-be released EP. The finale item bonded the crowd as they sang along with him.

Wickedly Awesome: The headline act ended IGNITE! on a resounding note and made the crowd go crazy. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

The crowd chorused “Wicked Aura” as the veteran punk rock batucada band prepared for the stage. They satisfied the audience with hits like No Sleep Tonight, Lullaby and My Aura Is Wicked And My Soul's On Fiyah! Indeed, they did left the crowd's soul on fire as they draw IGNITE! to a close. 

Unsung Heroes: The festival went absolutely well mostly because of the never-ending efforts of the IGNITE! team. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN

To conclude IGNITE! Music Festival 2015, the festival wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts from the planning committee all the way down to the event crew. Five months have passed and we’re glad it ended on a high note. We’ll see you again next year!

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