Saturday, 15 August 2015

Replug Presents: Origins

by Nellie Qistina

Can You Feel My Love: As Replug’s set came to a close, everyone involved in the production joined the performers on stage as they sang the last lines of Geronimo by Sheppard together. PHOTO BY: AMIR BIN AMRAN / PHOTO IG

“It feels awesome.”

“It was very relieving.”

Those were the replies of Shaneeta Karapan and Raiyan Sufyan, two members of the Replug Interest Group in RP that performed for Replug Presents Origins, when asked how it felt after the performance.

This fringe event held at South Agora was aimed at showing people the era that they grew up in through the songs performed. Popular hits such as Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, Need You Now by Lady Antebellum were what started off their set and it ended with Geronimo by Sheppard, lifting everyone’s moods.

Initially, the plan was to have a simple show. A show that was really cut down, stripped, with no drums and just very chilled and relaxed. But many changes have been made since the initial plan and Replug Presents Origins was the final product.

When asked about the process leading up to the show, Shaneeta and Raiyan shared that it was one filled with many ups and downs. From going for previews and having to cut out almost half of the songs chosen to constantly motivating their team mates, it was a tough 3 months.

Another thing they both agreed on was how passion played a key role in their journey, not only in the one leading up to Origins but also through their journey in the Interest Group. Despite the constant struggle to manage their time between studies and families, they credit their stay in Replug to the passion that they possess.

Passion Plays A Part, A Large Part: Shaneeta says that the one of the main reasons why everyone still stays in their IG is because they all have so much passion for what they do. PHOTO BY: WONG ZHI XUAN ALEX / PHOTO IG

“Honestly, if it is something that you want to do, just go out there and do it. Yes, it’s going to be scary the first time you do it but once you do, you’ll just get addicted to it. Performing is like a drug,” said Shaneeta.

Beyond having the passion to do what they love, another important factor was to have the courage. Raiyan, the Vice-President of Replug, says that he lives by one rule. “Take 20 seconds of courage to do something that you want. You countdown that 20 seconds and just sign up for an IG or go on stage to perform and just do something crazy. You’ll never know if it’ll change your life,” he shares.

The Courage to Pursue: Raiyan Sufyan, the Vice-President of Replug IG, believes in one thing and that is to take 20 seconds of courage and just go for what you want. PHOTO BY: AMIR BIN AMRAN / PHOTO IG

These two members honestly hope that everyone has enjoyed their show.

However, they were not the only band at Origins. Guest band The Madhatter Project, opened the whole show by playing a few of their originals.

Quirky Quartet: The Madhatter Project has been together for slightly over a year and get their inspiration from many everyday experiences. PHOTO BY: WONG ZHI XUAN ALEX / PHOTO IG

From a song about a cat sitting on the window, looking out at a rocket ship flying past called ‘Rocketship’ to one filled with Harry Potter references called ‘Horcrux’, this band of 4 is unique for its set-up of multiple keyboards. They get their inspiration for their songs everywhere or if not, they research their songs. “Nobody screamed that loudly for us before,” Mark laughed as they ended their first song.

When asked to describe their band’s personality, phrases and words like “unconventionally conventional”, “quirky” and “a band of many personalities” were thrown out. The bands wants to push their audiences and people who listen to their stuff to ask questions through their songs.

This band believes that even though their sound may be unique compared to other bands in the scene, they should just “keep going at it, because there will always be an audience somewhere.”

All these fringe events lead up to the main festival happening at Republic Polytechnic on 21st and 22nd August.

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