Friday, 21 August 2015

IGNITE! Is Back With A Bigger Bang: Day 1 Highlights

by Fasiha Nazren 

IGNITE! Music Festival is finally back for its 8th year running at Republic Polytechnic (RP). The first day of IGNITE! was nothing but a myriad of great local music accompanied with a relaxing ambience at the festival village. Performing for the first day were 8 local acts such as renowned hip hop artist, ShiGGa Shay, as well as RP’s very own Jammerz Arena.

Put Your Hands Up: The crowd was impressed with the blazing line-up for Day 1 of  IGNITE! Music Festival. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN
Warming up the stage was none other than alternative rock quintet, Cadence. As they took the stage right after classes have ended, many students were eager to get home - but Cadence got the crowd stopping to watch them perform a 20-minute set. Some even sat down to watch the rest of the festival after watching their performance.

After being part of IGNITE! Your Senses back in 2013, Arson is back again this year. This time, they're performing on the main stage. They got the crowd pumped up as they were playing their rocking set. Arson performed a total of 4 songs including an original from their debut EP, Spaceships, as well as a cover of MUSE’s Stockholm Syndrome.

Next to take the stage was RP’s Jammerz Arena (JA). Being a prominent band in RP, the crowd wasn’t shy to sing along with them as they sang covers of popular songs such as Paramore’s My Heart as well as Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain. As the vocalist was engaging between songs, the audience became more comfortable to move forward and cheer for JA. JA closed their set on an emotional note with their rendition of Citizen’s How Does It Feel. Nonetheless, they left the crowd impressed.

Stepping on the IGNITE! main stage for their first time was The Good Life Project (GLP). The crowd began to settle down and sat on the grass as the alternative soul band started their performance. Performing a total of 5 original songs, the seven-piece band got the audience to groove and get in the mood to their laidback music.

Causing A Riot: The band Riot !n Magenta gave a relaxing vibe to the crowd with their soulful melodies. PHOTO BY: FASIHA NAZREN

The next act to continue the relaxing ambience for the crowd was none other than Riot !n Magenta. Starting the set off with the alarm of a siren, the electronic pop band certainly got all eyes and ears on them. They then continued on to perform a total of 5 songs including the title track for their latest EP, Voices. The soulful melodies of Riot! In Magenta left some of the crowd to be in a euphoric state.

Making his presence felt next was up and coming hip hop artist, THELIONCITYBOY, also known as Kevin Lester. THELIONCITYBOY and his hypeman took the stage with energising hits such as She Wild. He was slated to perform a 30-minute stint. However, due to the overwhelming and enthusiastic response of the crowd, he decided to perform one more song just for the fans. They went wild as his hypeman went off stage to get closer to them.

Up next was instrumental rock band, This Is Atlantis. Being a fresh face at IGNITE! Music Festival, the four-piece band got the attention of the crowd as they performed songs such as Pillars & Portals. Their rock hits proved to be a hit among the audience as they began to bob their heads and tap their feet to the songs.

You Got It Dru: Though he felt nervous before performing, it was evident that he shook off all his anxiety with an amazing set. PHOTO BY: RUSHIQAH DAHLAN

Dru Chen charmed the crowd as he took on the stage. He performed a total of 6 songs including the crowd-pleasing You Got It Babe and Love of My Life. It was evident that Dru was having the time of his life on the main stage as he ended his set with everyone wanting more.

The crowd began to chant the name of the final act, ShiGGa Shay, even before he went on stage. Blazing the stage away with songs such as the catchy LimPeh and Moon Talk, the crowd continued to be impressed by ShiGGa’s charismatic stage presence. As he went down to the stage to get closer to the fans, it is a given that day one of IGNITE! Music Festival ended with a bang.

Regret not coming for the first day of IGNITE! Music Festival? Not to worry, as the second and final day of IGNITE! will be held at RP at 5pm on the 22nd of August tomorrow. Come on down to see local acts such as Sezairi, Wicked Aura and Take Two, along with an equally as amazing lineup. 

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