Friday, 1 July 2016

What should be in YOUR bag at IGNITE! Music Festival!

By Kristel Joy WIlliam

IGNITE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 is just around the corner! Is this your first music festival? Unsure on what to bring? Well this is the article for you. Here is a list of things on what should be in your bag for the festival! 

Shades & Cap

IGNITE MUSIC FESTIVAL is an outdoor event. Chances are it will get a little sunny. The first band kicks off around 4-5ish in the afternoon so it can be a little hot. It’s always good to have a pair of shades in your bag so that you don’t have to squint your eyes to watch the bands. A cap would be good as well.
Water bottle & Wet wipes
Being thirsty in warm weather is not what you want. Beat the heat with a bottle of water in your bag! Always remember to keep yourself hydrated. And if you’re getting a little too sticky and sweaty, just pull out a pack of wet wipes to keep yourself refreshed! If carrying a bottle all the way from home is a hassle, you can always patronize the F&B stalls lined up for you at IGNITE!’s very own festival village! 

Poncho or Umbrella

The weather may or may not be in our favour so it’s always good to be prepared! Just in case there is a slight downpour or drizzle, it’s handy to have a poncho in your bag so that you can still enjoy the festival! An umbrella will do the job as well but let’s try not to block other festival attendees and affect their experience of the festival. A poncho would also mean hands free enjoyment!

Snacks & Cash

Enjoy the music while snacking! Bring a bag of chips or chocolate bars with your friends to share. It’s okay if you don't bring any though. There will be plenty of stalls at the IGNITE! Festival Village where you can purchase them! Just remember to bring extra cash! There will also be other interesting items for you to purchase as well, such band merchandise and locally designed apparel and accessories! 

Mats or Newspapers

It’s a music festival! Were you expecting chairs? Unless you enjoy nature and sitting on grass, which is perfectly fine, bring something like a mat or newspapers that you can sit on! It may get a little prickly sitting on the grass itself, you have been warned.

Portable charger

For the social media addict. As the festival will go on for hours, you will probably find the battery life of your phone depleting as time goes by, especially after your constant updates on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, Facebook, you name it. Have a fully charged portable charger to keep your battery life from dwindling throughout the night! 

Plastic bag

Why on earth should you bring a plastic bag? So that you can easily dispose of any rubbish you may have, such as your snack wrappers, tissues and newspapers. Rather than risking missing a song by having to walk to the bin while your favourite band is performing! Don’t forget to throw the bag away in the designated bins after the show. Let’s all be a responsible audience and not litter!

And there you have it folks! A list of things that you most definitely should have in your bag at IGNITE! Music Festival 2016. But! It is nothing to fret over. Most importantly, stay hydrated and enjoy the awesome music and atmosphere as much as you can! See you there!

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