Friday, 29 July 2016

The Best Of IGNITE! Day 1

by: Afiq Naqiuddin, Kristel Joy William and Foong Yuen Ting

IGNITE! Music Festival is here again this year for their Ninth year in Republic Polytechnic (RP). It was a good first day for the festival as the crowd was brought onto a fun and chilled ride from start to end. The day boasted an amazing line-up with Take Two headlining the show.

Can’t Get Anymore Ignited Than This: The crowd shared their enthusiasm and showed their appreciation with their hands up and voices loud. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

The show was kicked off by an extremely electric set by our Band Auditions runner-up, Effective Public Transport. The progressive quintet performed 4 of their original pieces including their iconic song, “Condescending Lizard”. Needless to say, they definitely threw the show into full gear.

Next to take the stage, our very own Jammerz Arena (JA). Having earned their reputation as a musical act that you don’t want to miss, they were totally unafraid to set the stage ablaze. Debuting their cover of Two Door Cinema Club’s "What You Know", they had the crowd jumping with them. Thanks to their set, the already excited gig-goers got more heated for the festival.

All Passion: Front-woman Sherlyn of Disco Hue going all out to tug at the souls of the crowd. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

Our next act, Disco Hue, is still riding on their crazy wave of success and completely impressed the crowd. The five-piece band’s performance got the crowd moving to their electro-pop beat right from the start of their set. Performing 6 of their original songs, they have shown the crowd their colours – and everyone is buying it.

Making her own IGNITE! debut, Linying took advantage of the crowd's vibes and brought them to a whole new level of feeling good. The young songbird enticed everyone with her angelic soft voice and slow beats through her original pieces. Her cool vibes helped the crowd emotionally prepare for the next set.

Stop For The Selfie: They might have been in the midst of their set but Stopgap proved that there’s always time for a quick selfie. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

The high-energy, five-piece indie rock band Stopgap makes their return to the IGNITE! stage and gets the spectator’s hearts pumping. Seeing them have fun on stage, it didn’t take very long for everybody to get up on their feet to jump and dance along to their fast-tempo originals. The band’s performance kept the energy levels of the crowd at an all-time high.

The Brittle Bones’ short introduction got the crowd begging for more of his unique classical folk and electronica hybrid sounds. His IGNITE! debut was incredibly impressive as he got everyone swaying to the rhythm of his music. The young soloist totally brought something new to the festival and the crowd showed their utmost appreciation for him.

Making his huge return to the IGNITE! stage for the second year in a row, THELIONCITYBOY did not disappoint. His fans made their presence known as they bopped, jumped and screamed watching their idol do his thing on stage. The surprise entrance of The Sam Willows’ heartthrob Benjamin Kheng only drove the crowd into a frenzy. The IGNITE! crowd was promised a good time, and THELIONCITYBOY totally helped to deliver.

Special Thanks: On behalf of #IGNITEBESTCREWEVER, we'd like to give our huge thanks to David of Take Two for coming back from his honeymoon for us! PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

Our headliners for the night, Take Two did not waste their opportunity on the IGNITE! stage. They gave the crowd an unforgettable performance to dance to. Despite being the last act of the night, they managed to keep the energy high in the crowd with their indie-pop groove. Not to forget, a huge special shout out to one of the quintets, David, for coming back from his honeymoon just to grace us on this special night.

Feel bad for not being here to experience the festival for yourself? Well, don’t beat yourself up. Come on down to RP’s Lawn on the 30th of July tomorrow to catch Band Auditions winners Fader, our very own Replug, Plainsunset and a lot more!

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