Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Written by Maisarah Dhaniyah Bte Noorsham Affandi

What’s a festival without anything to nibble or munch on while you enjoy the awesome local music played live?
IGNITE! Music Festival is back this year with fresh flavours to satisfy your tingling taste buds. And what’s more awesome is that we have decided to pair these delicious food & drinks with the acts performing this year just for local music and food lovers like you!

First up in our menu this year is the ever popular Soi 55! With 5 different flavours to choose from either honey or milk, these drinks are sure to quench your thirst after enjoying every performance we have in store for you! Imagine having a bottle of Thai Milk Tea with you where you can easily keep in your bag while you go crazy with the music for hours without having to worry about it spilling. Exactly. Pure convenience!

These refreshing drinks can be paired with refreshing songs by our acts, Disco Hue, Linying and These Brittle Bones!
Soi 55
Level 5, The Cathay


If you are born in the 90s which we’re pretty sure you are, these sweet local treats, just like the sweet local music playing live, will leave you wanting more! Ranging from those figure eight aluminium chocolates to the little sweets in a mini baby bottle you used to buy when you were still a kid, 90s Candy Society will definitely bring back memories to you & your friends. Bring your friends along so you guys can enjoy the bundle pack!

These 90’s sweet treats can be paired with songs from two of our seasoned acts like Plainsunset & THELIONCITYBOY!
90s Candy Society

Of course, reading all that must have made you think about desserts. We got that covered for you! For their second year with us, Pong Gelato’s popular Coconut Gelato & Sorbets will be sure to help to cool your tonsils down from all that screaming for the awesome local acts we have lined up for you guys! Health conscious? Don’t worry! Their Coconut Gelato & Sorbets are lactose-free and are rich with vitamins and minerals to sustain you throughout the night.
Pong Gelato can be paired up with acts like The Summer State, Stopgap and Take Two since you’ll be singing along to their catchy tunes!
Pong Gelato
Scape 2 Orchard Link, #02-18C, Singapore 237978

We not only have Churros for you at #IGNITEMUSICFEST this year but we also have one of the most popular halal waffles from ZULOS! Imagine having waffles with a generous amount of sauce & toppings of your choice while chilling out and listening to your favourite acts from this year’s line-up. We promise it will be worth it!

One act that will definitely help to make the waffles taste better than it already will, is Young!
612 Clementi West Street 1, Block 612, Singapore 120612

Never tried anything called the Cuban Sandwich or a Halal Mojito before? To put it simply, a Cuban Sandwich from Black Boys Cubanos is a sandwich filled with Pulled Beef/Chicken with lots of vegetables. On the other hand, Halal Mojito is a non-alcoholic drink that is made just as well as a normal Mojito - just without the rum!

 Not to worry because this year at #IGNITEMUSICFEST, the Black Boys Cubanos are coming in to take over the Subway of our campus especially for the Muslims because it is Muslim owned! And what would be better than having a Halal Mojito made fresh to pair it up with the Halal Cuban Sandwich?

What about having your Cuban Sandwich and Halal Mojito whilst listening to power packed performances from acts like Iman’s League & Bear Culture? We get that, mhmm!
Black Boys Cubanos
451 Marine Parade Singapore

Imagine having a cup of coffee with a cup of satay. Old but Gold. Popular foods back in the day presented in a modern way. Some might be sceptical about this idea because it might lose its essence but we assure you, it tastes just like the original! The coffee is brewed to perfection using fresh coffee beans and the satay although prepared differently, tastes great - if not better than your favourite traditional dish. Trust us on this and try it for yourselves at #IGNITEMUSICFEST!

One act that you can definitely pair this up with will be Tell Lie Vision where their songs have a familiar tune that can get you hyped up and pumped up after a good caffeine fix!

The ChiefSG

We’re pretty sure you would want to know more about all these tantalizing treats. So mark your calendars for the 29th and 30th of July, Friday and Saturday to grab them all at #IGNITEMUSICFEST 2016!
See you there! 

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