Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Taken by Take Two

by Rachel Ng

Take Two returns once again for Music Matters Live and delivered a set that proved why they are among the rising local artists in Singapore.

Take Two for the Team: David Siow (left), Paddy Ong (middle), Jeryl Yeo (behind Paddy), and Johnathan Lim (right), and Tan Peng Sing (far left, not pictured), played at Shuffle Bistro Bar for Music Matters Live 2015. PHOTO BY: Rachel Ng

“Anyway, we’ve got one more song for you. That’s okay, right?” said the effervescent Paddy Ong, frontman of local indie-pop rock band Take Two, as he closed his set at Music Matters Live 2015. That’s definitely okay, Paddy.

Playing to a full house at Shuffle Bistro Bar in Clarke Quay, the quintet has definitely moved up the local music ladder after gaining much recognition ever since they formed in late 2012. Their recent acts included opening for legendary Scottish band Travis, winning the NOISE 2014 Music Mentorship Programme and releasing their new EP, Pairs.

The group sat on the stage with David Siow on bass, Tan Peng Sing and Johnathan Lim on guitar, Jeryl Yeo on drums, and frontman Paddy Ong. Together, they emitted a youthful, enthusiastic vibe with a wonderful chemistry. It was easy to miss it if one was not observant but I caught many moments where they looked at each other, playing and smiling to themselves.

Fresh-faced and lively, they gave off the most whimsical energy and had impeccable coordination, which was enjoyable to watch.

Pleasure in Performing: Guitarist Johnathan Lim had a constant smile on as he performed. PHOTO: Rachel Ng

There must be a reason why the day after I heard Take Two live, I got on my phone and bought their EP on iTunes. Opening their set with one of their tracks, ‘Addiction Affliction’, I was instantly impressed. They followed with tracks from their EP, ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Always Been Right Here’, ‘Luna’, and included a cover of Interpol’s ‘C’mere’ and Last Dinosaurs’ ‘Honolulu’.

They cited Last Dinosaurs as one of their inspirations on their Facebook page, alongside well-known indie and alternative artists like Bombay Bicycle Club, The Wombats, and Two Door Cinema Club.

If there was one word to describe their music, it would be ‘infectious’. In particular, all the tracks from their new EP have a distinct sound to them and they honestly just make you want to start tapping your feet to the beat of each song.

They ended their set with single ‘Ariel’, which is about finding love on an MRT. It felt almost too familiar with the lyrics - seeing someone that’s caught your eye while on your way to school in the train. “That fleeting moment when you make eye contact with someone and your mind starts drifting away - perhaps you should go talk to him/her right now, before they all alight,” their YouTube description for ‘Ariel’ read.

You’ll soon be seeing them at Baybeats 2015 and they’ve also been announced as one of the 25 artists to perform for Lush 99.5FM and Radio’s 50 Songs for 50 Days which started on June 1st.

With so many accomplishments, they have already made a name for themselves in the local music scene, and we hope to see more of them in the years to come.

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