Monday, 25 May 2015

The New Beach Boys

by Christopher Parwani

Filling In: Jeremy Neale (left) and bass player Charles Sale (right) who filled in for Corey Herekiuah who was unable to make it for the show.
PHOTO BY: Iskandar Rossali/Photo Republic

Many bands this year in Music Matters left the audiences banging their heads to the beat of the drums and singing along to lyrics. One band however, brought the crowd back to the 60’s.

The Beach Boys influenced band, Teen Sensations, performed at Music Matters for the first time and shook things up with the surf rock genre that was sure to bring memories back to many of elderlies. They performed original songs entitled ‘Peruvian 60’, ‘Surf and Sway’ and many more. However, as their band name suggested they were bringing it to the teenagers of 2015.

“We are kind of like torch bearers for another generation of surfers,” said Charles Sale, the fill in bass player of the band.

Back to Basics: The vinyl records that the band gave out for free at their performances if you were to approach them. PHOTO BY: Christopher Parwani

The band surfed up bars at this year’s music festival like Beer Market, McGettigan’s and Barber Shop just to name a few. They also gave out their very own vinyl records to anyone who approached them.

In addition to their upbeat funk and vintage gifts to their audience, the band performed in blue and white striped shirts that complimented the 60’s aura. The atmosphere was an epitome of throwback for adults who grew up listening to The Beach Boys and a fresh groove that many of the adolescents enjoyed as well.

Boon Hui, 18, a gig goer, said, “They sounded very vintage and cool. I found myself swaying my head side to side while listening to them. No wonder my parents loved bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys.”

Teen Sensations was formed in the summer of 2012 in their hometown Brisbane, Australia. The members, Jeremy Neale, Yuri Yuri Johnson, Corey Herekiuha and George Browning were friends for years, dating back to primary school. The four of them had one thing in common and it was their love for The Beach Boys. After high school, Teen Sensations was born.

The band is currently working on their debut album, Great Hits and after which they would be exploring new material and sounds. “I feel that it’s up to us (Teen Sensations) to carry on the legacy of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys,” said Jeremy, the lead singer.

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