Monday, 25 May 2015

Raw, funky and definitely, Wicked

by Nur Illazabella Bte Yusni

Hitting the Notes: Idham Budiman, frontman of Wicked Aura took the spotlight for their third song of the night at Paulaner.
PHOTO BY: Nur Illazabella

Wicked Aura might be new to some but this 12 piece band has performed and made their name across the European and Asian countries. Known for their punk rock batucada band, they hit this year’s stage at Music Matters Live (MML) for the very first time.

A home-grown percussion band, it is made up of members from all walks of life with different stories to tell but shares the same passion – music. They debuted their first album, Louder than Light, which was released in 2008 and is now working on their second album, Beginning The End.

Performing on the third night of MML, they were scheduled to perform at two places in Clarke Quay for the night, Beer Market and Paulaner. They kicked off the night at Beer Market and ended their gig at about 2 am at Paulaner.

Nicolas, 23, a student, said, “I was looking forward to go for MML this year because of them. I always enjoy watching them busking.”

Despite half an hour delay, Wicked Aura’s frontman, Idham Budiman engaged and enlivened the mood with some of his jokes and small talks with the crowd while the band was setting up.

Nur Allisa Bte Mohd Halim, a third-year New Media student in Republic Polytechnic said, “Although they started late, it was still a really good show. It is almost impossible not to dance.”

Playing four songs in total, it was exhilarating as they had the crowd grooving from the start till the end.

Alfian, a 29-year-old freelancer said he came with his friends to enjoy the night. “I came here to have a couple of drinks with my friends and also to check out MML,” he said.

Alfian added, “I’ve never heard of them but man they are good. I’ve never come across a band like them before. They are the kind of bands that makes you move from your seat because it is impossible to stay still. I hope to see more of them and bands like them in Singapore. ”

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