Friday, 24 July 2015

IGNITE! Survival Guide

by Fasiha Nazren

Free and good local music, great vibes and yummy food to buy. What’s there not to love about IGNITE! Music Festival? As we’re nearing the big day, here are 5 tips guaranteed to make your IGNITE! experience a memorable one.

Drink Up!: Make sure to bring a bottle and stay hydrated for IGNITE! Music Festival. PHOTO BY: Hasif Hasny

1. Stay hydrated

We wouldn’t want anyone to faint and miss out on the hot and sizzling line-up halfway through the festival! Remember to bring a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the night. If you run out of water, there are watercoolers all over Republic Polytechnic for you to refill your bottles! Alternatively, you can grab a drink or two at the IGNITE! Village where food and drinks will be sold.

Ready, Set, Charge: Remember to charge your smartphones and bring along a portable charger to capture the moment! PHOTO BY: Hasif Hasny

2. Charge your phones and portable chargers

In this day and age where everyone has a smartphone, it’s a given that many will be snapping pictures and videos of their favourite acts. That’s totally cool, but what isn’t cool is when your smartphone runs out of battery! That’s where tip number two comes along – bring a portable charger! Don’t forget to charge both your smartphone and portable charger before leaving your house so that you can capture every single moment at this year’s IGNITE! Music Festival!

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie: It’s always better to take selfies with your friends, so don’t forget to bring or even make friends at IGNITE! PHOTO BY: Hasif Hasny

3. Bring a buddy

Being the largest local music festival, do expect IGNITE! to be big and hectic. So do bring along your friend(s) so you will always have someone to go to the toilet with, someone to buy merchandise with and most importantly, someone to fangirl/fanboy with once your favourite act performs! Also, don’t be afraid to interact with the rest of the crowd and who knows, you might go home with more friends than you came with?

Never Go Out Of Style: Stay fashionable and comfortable just like our IGNITE! crew in their IGNITE! shirts! PHOTO BY: Hasif Hasny

4. Dress comfortably

You’re probably racking your brains on what to wear to IGNITE!, right? While looking good can be a priority, dressing comfortable is important as well! Since you will be standing (and maybe dancing around) most of the time, do wear something breathable so you won’t feel so sticky and sweaty. You might also want to bring an extra shirt or towel given Singapore’s hot and humid climate!

Don't Be So Pushy: Leave your worries elsewhere and enjoy the performances while you’re here at IGNITE! PHOTO BY: Hasif Hasny

5. Have fun!

Of all the 5 tips, this is the most important tip. Why come to IGNITE! when you’re not here to have fun, right? We’re all about the good local music, so forget all your troubles for a while and soak yourself in the good vibes! Enjoy the performances, grab the yummy grubs and have fun with your friends. You’re now set for the best night of your life!

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