Sunday, 26 July 2015

IGNITE! Music Festival is BACK AGAIN!

by Seri Azilia

We are back, but better than ever. IGNITE! Music Festival will be celebrating its eighth year in 2015 as it aims to ignite the pride of being a Singaporean in everyone. The festival is driven by youths filled with passion and compassion to support local artistes to showcase their talents up on stage. The annual music festival has drawn over 20,000 people over the years. Now, we shall take a glimpse of how this year’s IGNITE! Music Festival would be like compared to the previous year.

What could be so special about this year’s upcoming IGNITE? Held at the spacious lawn – a public green deck in Republic Polytechnic – there is space for…

Uncle Ringo! They will be joining us this year with the various games available and you are sure to revisit your childhood times, making your IGNITE! Music Fest experience a little more cheerful.

Feel like munching during the event? Fret not. This year, the F&B at the village serves you with popular favourites such as Garrett Popcorn, Banana N Cheese and not forgetting the latest-rave of churros from the Churros Factory.

If you want to get merchandises to remember the loud and exciting night, PeonFX is back this year to settle that for you. Other local clothing brands that are new to the village such as Sixth Empire and LIVEHIGH will also be there to satisfy your fashion needs.

Skipping IGNITE! Music Fest because of your gentlemen’s haircut appointment? There is no room for excuses because The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop will fix that haircut for you while enjoying the live performances.

Photo taken from: The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop’s Facebook Page

Moving on to the line-up of IGNITE! Music Festival 2015, the pop/soul singer of ‘Broken’ and ‘Sayang’, winner of Singapore Idol 2009 - Sezairi Sezali - will join us on the second night of the music festival. ShiGGa Shay, the rapper of the song ‘Lion City Kia’, is back for more hip hop genre songs that gets everyone bouncing along to his music.

Other bands and artistes such as THELIONCITYBOY, Wicked Aura, The Full Pledge Munkees, In Each Hand a Cutlass, Take Two, Dru Chen and many more will be performing to get you constantly up and jumping along to the beat. Not forgetting, RP’s Jammerz Arena and Replug that will get you moving around and singing along to their covers of your favourite songs.

(Information is correct at time of print)

There is no reason for you to miss out this year’s IGNITE! Music Festival because you are guaranteed to two continuous nights of energetic fun. We are super excited to have you join us for Singapore’s biggest local music festival that will be held here in Republic Polytechnic. Do lookout for updates on our various social media platforms and see you soon!

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