Wednesday, 22 July 2015

IGNITE! Music Festival Essentials!

by Rushiqah Dahlan

IGNITE! Music Festival is upon us, again! More than 20, 000 people have been involved in IGNITE! for the past few years. For local music fans and supporters, it’s often one of the most anticipated days in the month of August. Are you one of them? We’ve written out what you need to know – what to wear and what to bring.

When you’re going to IGNITE!, there’s no one to impress and there isn’t a focus on dressing up trendy. The most important factor is staying cool and comfortable, so be sure to wear comfy clothes. Also, wear shoes! Don’t even think about wearing sandals or even flip flops, unless you don’t mind your feet being stepped on. A nice pair of shoes will keep your feet from getting dirty and also keep you comfortable while dancing or moshing to your favourite band. For the ones with long hair, you might want to bring some hair ties and bobby pins, just in case it gets too hot.

As for essentials, there are not much that you need to bring, just basic necessities so we recommend you to pack light. Be it a cross-body bag or a bag pack, ensure that the size of it would not stop you and the other audience from having fun. A little tip: Buy your merch first, especially shirts and shoes. Why? Since the prices are cheaper, the sizes run out and it is probably more crowded around the merch booths when the performance ends. This is where a bag pack comes in handy. You wouldn’t need to carry the stuff around because you can simply keep it inside your bag! Whatever it is, bring things that you need and will most probably use. With that being said, below are the essentials for IGNITE! 2015.

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