Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Married Musician Duo takes Their Love to the Stage

By Nurul Jannah Bte Ismail

Married couple spills the beans on their style as musicians and performing for Music Matters Live 2014.

Not many people have the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing their work and love life. However, for these two musicians- Endah Widiastuti and Rhesa Adita- both 31 years of age, they are more than lucky to be able to live in these two worlds and that is – music and love.

Hailing from the suburbs of Indonesia in the South of Tangerang, the married couple has been playing music together for a decade now. Going by the name of Endah N Rhesa, the duo shares a passion for music and, of course, undying passion for each other.

They have been known to bring out music that is a fusion of folk and ballad. For a more organic ‘feel’, they include many different entertaining styles to interact with their different audiences.

Endah conveyed, “When we play music, we see it as our playground so we can put this and that together. There are many parts and styles. That’s how we develop our music. So it not only sticks to one influence. There are many genres mixed together.”

“He influenced me in many ways. And so, I also influenced him with the different genres I did. So it is kind of mixed up now with many stuff. It’s kind of like mashed up.”

Not only do they have to work alongside each other, but they also have to inspire each other musically.

Before their debut, Endah used to sing genres closer to rock and also played the electric guitar. However, ever since collaborating, Rhesa, has influenced his wife to make music leaning more to blues, besides playing the acoustic guitar to deliver a different sound.

Lovers at Work: Endah N Rhesa talks about how they inspire each other while joking on the topic of working together. PHOTO CREDITS: NADIA AL-INSYIRAAH BTE ISMAIL

The collaboration definitely poses a challenge when it comes to being professional in their work at times. However, for Endah and Rhesa, that does not stop them from doing what they love, and with who they love.

According to Endah, she revealed that both of them are “control freaks and perfectionists”.

“I think it’s very good for us to measure and challenge ourselves. If we want to make an album and make music, we have to measure our skills. And it is easy for us because as husband and wife, there are no hard feelings.”

For Rhesa, working with his wife is fantastic.

He added, “We have communication 24/7 so we can talk about music anytime. It is an interesting life that not many people have.”

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