Tuesday, 29 July 2014

IGNITE!: More Than Just a Music Festival

By Rachel Chua

IGNITE! Music Festival 2014 is more than just about rocking to good music; it consists of workshops and pre-performances as well. Read on to find out more.

This August 15th and 16th, expect popular acts like The Sam Willows, Charlie Lim, and Gentle Bones to take the main festival stage at IGNITE! 2014. However, if you want to listen to more obscure bands in the local contemporary music scene, give the fringe events a shot; featuring acts like Marc x Hashy, at a more intimate setting of “Chill at the Reel”. IGNITE! will also be showcasing uprising bands namely Koji, Arson and Kill Teddy at IGNITE! Your Senses happening on the 8th August, 4PM at the South Agora stage.

Last year, ORANGECOVE was one of the bands at IGNITE! Your Senses. This year, the band will be performing on the main festival stage itself. PHOTO CREDIT: IGNITE! Music Festival

Besides gigs, there are workshops created to help aspiring musicians nurture their passion in arts and music. Those interested in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) can head on down to the TRCC Lab for a Disk Jockey (DJ) Workshop led by DJs from the Electronic Music Production (EMP) IG. With workshops by prominent players in the industry, attendees can expect to learn more than a thing or two after the session. Renowned photographer Aloysius Lim will also be conducting a gig photography workshop for aspiring photographers, and Tim De Cotta will be sharing some tips on how to produce your very own EP.

There will also be a workshop by popular YouTube stars, Tree Potatoes, who will be sharing tips and tricks to aspiring YouTubers on how to be successful in the popular video sharing site. This workshop is the first of its kind in IGNITE!, and people should look forward to it.

Furthermore, you get a sneak peek to the main event. Student Nadia Al-Insyiraah, 19, went for all of the IGNITE! fringe events last year when she was in year 2. This was what she shared of her experience, “I thought that the fringe events for IGNITE! were great! They had IGNITE! Your Senses stage as well as Band Competition and it’s like a preview of what’s coming up for the main IGNITE! stage.”

When asked whether she would recommend the fringe events to others, she exclaimed: “Of course! Especially for those who are going for the festival, going for the fringe events kind of escalates your excitement for the main stage!”.

With such exciting activities and events taking place for IGNITE! 2014, start looking forward to Republic Polytechnic's very own music festival, and get involved from beginning to end from the 4th to 16th of August! Get more information on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to redeem your coupons to enjoy discounts when shopping at the IGNITE! Village.

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