Thursday, 31 July 2014

Introducing Merchandise of IGNITE! Music Festival 2014

As a festival goer at the IGNITE! Music Festival, one will be bestowed with multiple numbers of perks. One of the perks would be the vast array of unique and quirky merchandise being sold ranging from skin accessories to lifestyle apparels.

What would be a better way to immortalize your IGNITE! experience than getting your hands on these amazing merchandise we have in store?

1. Clique Clothing

Photo Courtesy of Clique Clothing

A logo based company; Clique Clo SG is a local clothing store with a range of creative designs printed tees. Their minimalistic designed tees would have you wanting more. They will also be having a 20% discount for all their stock that will be on sale for the 2-day festival. What better way to shop and save some moolah at the same time?

2. Dottinghill

Photo Courtesy of Dottinghill

Dottinghill is an online design community and e-store that specializes in skin-accessories made to complement one’s outfit, events or moods. For everyone who likes to express themselves through the creativity of the art, Dottinghill’s temporary tattoos will leave you coming back for more. Now you don’t have to worry about bad tattoos, just worry about the next tattoo you want to get!

3. Klipsch 

Photo Courtesy of Klipsch Audio

Klipsch specializes in loudspeakers and earphone made for you not to just enjoy music but to feel the music. Music is an expression, and for some people, music speaks for them. Klipsch’s ear candies allow one to be with the music, alone amidst the noise surrounding them.

4. Macbeth

Photo Courtesy of Macbeth

Macbeth is a footwear and apparel company inspired by music and action sports lifestyle. That is not all; they are also 100% vegan! This hip brand is no stranger to the IGNITE! Village, and also known for their major discounts, Macbeth shoes are always selling out fast at IGNITE! Music Festival. Better join in line early to avoid disappointment!

5. Peonfx

Photo Courtesy of Peonfx

Peonfx is a lifestyle brand that started out with cycling inspired apparels and has expanded further to sell lifestyle products and accessories such as cruiser boards, leather products and pendants. They’re also selling Plainsunset’s The Gift t-shirt; you wouldn’t wanna miss that if you’re a fan!

6. Suave Clothing Co

Photo Courtesy of Suave Clothing Co

Suave Clothing Co is a street inspired apparel local brand that sells t-shirts, pullovers, sweaters, tanktops and caps. They’re all about reproducing culture onto their products. There’s nothing better than to don a piece of clothing that speaks culture. If you’re all about easy wear, then drop by their booth during the festival!

7. The General Store

Photo Courtesy of The General Store

The General Store is all about designs. They work closely with 39 brands that retail items ranging from apparels to accessories to shoes. What is more attractive than having multiple designs to choose from? Everyone loves a notebook that speaks their personality; and you don’t have to worry about having the same as your friend since there’s a variety of designs to choose from.

8. The Manhattan Pizza Co

Photo Courtesy of Danielfooddiary

They’re all about the pizzas, and more pizzas. This calls for a pizza party for all the festival goers! What better way to replenish your energy with yummy food for your tummy? What’s even better is that they’re really big!

9. UrbanProse

Photo Courtesy of UrbanProse

Urban Prose (UP) is a local brand that specialises in bags that is a combination of both aesthetics and functionality. If you’re someone who’s very organized, UrbanProse is definitely for you. Carrying a bag in style while not having to worry where your phone is placed; that’s the best thing ever for anyone who’s rushing from places to places.

There are many reasons to why you should come down for IGNITE! Music Festival and the merchandise is only a part of it. Amp up your street cred and raid the booths to buy all the steals available! To get the full IGNITE! experience, redeem your free coupons where you can enjoy discounts from the booths at the village!

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