Monday, 11 August 2014

What to Wear to IGNITE! Music Festival 2014?

by Sara Koh 

Planning your outfits for an outdoor concert in Singapore is probably one of the toughest choices anyone has to make. “Should I wear this? Will it get too hot? Does it look too drab? But I want to be comfortable!” These are questions almost everyone has asked themselves when deciding how to dress for an outdoor gig. But did you know that outdoor concerts are always the best times to look super hip while dressing comfortably enough to enjoy the show without any worries? Here are some tips on how to dress for IGNITE!

For The Girls 

For the Hipster Girl
Throw on a pair of ripped jeans, put on a loose white tee, some cool black platform sneakers, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to bring a small bag to put your valuables in and most importantly, your water bottle!

For the Indie Girl 
Gear up for a great OOTD photo with your cutest dungarees, paired with your favorite striped crop top, sneakers and voila, you’re officially the cutest thing at the IGNITE! Music Festival 2014! Stack some rings with a simple black leather watch for a more edgy look.

For The Boho Girl 
For the girls who would like channel your inner bohemian chic, throw on your lightest thin-strapped top, your most comfortable denim shorts and a pair of MACBETH sneakers*. Layer some necklaces and tie up your look with a cool bandana and you’d be the talk of the festival.

* MACBETH is one of our sponsors and will be selling some of their shoes at the festival at discounted prices. Don’t say that we didn’t give you a heads up!


For The Boy Next Door 
If you have a laidback personality and seriously have no clue what to wear, look to this outfit set as your inspiration for this year’s IGNITE! Music Festival. Get comfy in your cotton band tee, a pair of khaki trousers and finish up the look with sneakers, a watch and a cool nautical inspired bracelet!

For The Tumblr Boy 
Channel your inner hipster and look charming for your date with a simple sleeveless top, cargo berms and comfortable sneakers. Jazz up your outfit with a slouchy beanie and a simple leather watch.

For The Rocker Dude
Ooze edge and attitude and rock your festival outfit by dressing in a loose black V-neck shirt and skinny black jeans. Complete your look with a pair of black Vans and some black accessories.

If you haven’t taken away anything after reading the above, just remember these three golden rules:

Dress comfortably 
You’re probably going to be jumping around and constantly moving, so you would want to avoid wearing anything that has the tendency to stick to your skin or something that could get you warm easily. Wear loose, airy tops and keep your bottoms comfortable enough to move around in. Also covered shoes are your best bet at not going home with a broken toe nail!

Bring only your necessities 
You don’t want to be bogged down by taking care of your belongings during the concert. I mean, who wants to be knackered after jumping and screaming while still having to keep a constant lookout for your bags? Just keep it simple. Bring along your cell phone, wallet, EZ-link card and your water bottle. It’s as easy as that. Remember, it’s an outdoor concert. You don’t have to bring large amounts of cash and if you can, leave your wallet at home. Just bring enough cash to grab yourself some of your favorite bands’ merch!

Stay hydrated 
Most importantly, don’t forget your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated! Republic Polytechnic (RP) is equipped with water coolers almost everywhere so it’s easy to keep that bottle filled.

If you remember these three golden rules, you can be sure to have an amazing time at IGNITE! this year. Lots of your favorite bands will be there so don’t forget to dress comfortably while stylishly enough to impress. You definitely don’t want to look drab in front of your idols, or your date for that matter! To ensure you have a great time at the festival, be sure to redeem your free coupons which will entitle you to special discounts for the stuff on sale at the IGNITE! Village. Certainly an awesome way to save up while having the ultimate IGNITE! experience!

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