Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Let The Flames Begin with Jammerz Arena!

By Arwa Izzudin

Jammerz Arena (JA) pumped up the crowd with their own rendition of popular songs.

The stage had been set for the IGNITE! fringe events. The lights were blinking, the audience were roaring and the sound of music filled the atmosphere as Jammerz Arena took on the South Agora stage to kick off their pre-IGNITE! show, “Let The Flames Begin” on the 4th August 2014. The crowd cheered and applauded the bands as they performed song covers of international music.

Jammerz Arena is an interest group of the CREATE Republic, that aims to provide students of Republic Poly (RP) an avenue to expand their interests in the music and the performing arts. JA has gone on to achieve higher and better standards in becoming holistic performing artistes. It has also enabled the members to be exposed to both the performing arts and music. Due to the support from The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC), JA members have been given countless opportunities to showcase their skills in various forms and events.

One such event is a performance that is held every year to promote the IGNITE! Music Festival and to create awareness of local music among the youths in Singapore.

Guest band “Tim De Cotta x The Warriors” started off the showcase followed by Jammerz Arena’s pride, Knightfall and False Freedom.

The Curtain Call: Jammerz Arena giving their thanks to the IGNITE! Crew as well as the crowd for supporting them for their showcase. PHOTO BY: IGNITE! Music Festival

The pop-rock band, Knightfall, rocked the South Agora stage with hit songs from Paramore namely ‘Still into You’ and ‘Let the Flames Begin’. The band also rearranged Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ to give it a rock twist. Of course, a lot of preparation was needed to ensure that the performance went along without any hitches.

“We rehearsed roughly around 2 hours each day. Maybe three if needed. It took us roughly three months to prepare for the show, including the production side”, said Muhammad Nur Hadi Bin Suwadhi, 18, bassist of Knightfall.

Their effort paid off as people turned up in spades to watch their performance. The crowd was enjoying the show; head banging to the music and moving to the beat.

“Personally, I think that with the performance today, people would really look forward to IGNITE!,” commended Nur Atika Bte Zainudin, 21, a spectator of Let The Flames Begin by Jammerz Arena.

“I also look forward to watching more local music events where talented local artists can showcase their talent,” she added.

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