Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Jitters and Features of Clash of the Bands 2013

by Sariyanto Bin Slamat

Clash of the Bands was one of the highlights in The Republic Cultural Centre’s (TRCC) calendar, second only to IGNITE! Months of preparations and more than 30 crew members involved, from staffs to students from all over of Republic Polytechnic, it was a highly anticipated event.

But the ongoing haze that has been hovering over our shores was always going to be a cause for concern for the organizers. The welfare of not just the performers, but also the anticipated 400-strong spectators, not forgetting the crew, never lingered far away from the back of the organizers’ minds. Every planning, every detail, and, with Clash of the Band the curtain raiser of a slew of events lined up to promote IGNITE! Music festival this August, the potential success of IGNITE! was all on the line.

Then, only a week before Clash of the Bands commences, a last minute announcement – a change in location. The event would be staged at Hood Bar and Cafe, from the initial location The Coliseum in Resorts World Sentosa. 

It was an unwelcoming but a necessary change. Health and safety should never be compromised and so the organizers and crewmembers immediately work out a contingency plan in preparation for a smaller venue in Hood Bar, located at Bugis Plus.

Sunday, 23rd June 2013. Hood Bar and Café. Bugis Plus. The night was a spectacle. By the time the emcees declared the winners, it took nearly another hour for the last person to leave the place; such was the overwhelming reception.

With participants coming from the reaches of South East Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia, Clash of the Bands was making all the right noises. Take Cover of Singapore won the Band Category, while Triton Kanjanabose of Thailand won the Solo Category.

23rd June 2013 – The day finally arrives for bands to battle it out! 

As early as 5PM, performers started to register and we could see their anxious faces.

Performance 1
The solo category was up first, with Patamol Prommopakarn of Thailand belting out a Beyonce classic “Listen”

Performance 2
Rock My Soul (RMS) a mixture of different races from Thailand.

Performance 3
Purple Tiger blowing the crowd away with the song Dream On from the legendary band, Aerosmith.

Crowd 1
Ardent supporters of MFF ASA 85, all the way from Thailand.

Performer 5
Audrey Dankey, keyboardist for Youthwreck.

Performer 6
Fadhil from Youthwreck, rocking his vocals out.

Performer 7
Clarissa, lead vocalist for Take Cover.

Crew 1
Outside Hood Bar, our reporters interview the participating bands for their thoughts.

Winner of the Band Category – Take Cover.

Prize presentation
Better "Take Cover" because they will be bringing the stage down at IGNITE! 2013.

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