Friday, 5 July 2013

IGNITE! 2013; It's back, bigger and better!

by Ariani Bte Adam

Well hello there!

Welcome to the official blog page of IGNITE! Music Festival 2013. This year, IGNITE! is going to be bringing you the best of Singapore local music. Itching to know who’s playing? We can’t tell you the line-up yet; it’s a secret.

What we can promise you is that we will be having exciting performances not only on the Festival day but also during the weeks that lead up to the show itself (We even have competitions in stored where you can stand to win shopping vouchers. Enticing huh?). Besides the Fringe events, we will also be having interesting workshops. One of which is going to be hosted by one of the leading shoe brands in the industry.

Recently, we have just finished Clash Of The Bands where bands from around the region came together to battle it out here in Singapore at the Hood Bar and Cafe. It was a fierce fight and as a matter of fact, our upcoming post will feature highlights of the competition.

With our theme ‘Passion and Compassion’, the highlight in this year’s festival is the Service Learning project that we will be embarking on together with Republic Polytechnic’s CREATE. musicians and also the bands themselves. All of that will be revealed really soon, so do stay tuned!

For now, what we need you guys to do is to be an awesome sport and follow our blog. All you have to do is to press the “follow” button on the far right of the navigation bar. We are also on social media platforms such that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Instagram. To hop onto our social media sites, just click on the various navigation links and you will then be magically teleported into the realm of IGNITE! Music Festival 2013.

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