Saturday, 30 July 2016

An IGNITE! To Remember: Day 2 Highlights

by: Afiq Naqiuddin, Kristel Joy William and Foong Yuen Ting

Although everyone was still shaken up by the events from the night before, our second and final day definitely wasn’t one to disappoint. In fact, with a headliner like Plainsunset, Day 2 was set to last in everyone’s minds.

To kick off the show, we had Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) very own Replug. Their set list got everybody on their feet as they tirelessly covered Bruno Mars’ hit songs such as Beautiful Girls, Treasure and Uptown Funk. Their set not only fulfilled their promise of unplugged and redefined music, but they also brought it to the next level, leaving our crowd wanting more.
WhatsApp Image 2016-07-30 at 22.57.35.jpeg
Over to you: Fader lets their 'family' take the lead in singing their song Empty Vessel. PHOTO BY: FOONG YUEN TING
Fresh from winning this year’s edition of IGNITE! Band Auditions, Fader was all ready and set to impress everyone. And impress, they did. The alternative pop-punk quintet got everyone in the crowd jumping and singing along as they performed originals and even rocking a cover of Neck Deep’s All Hype, No Heart. They definitely hyped the audience for what’s to come throughout the night.
Making their return to the IGNITE! stage, was The Summer State. The five-piece pop-rock band got the audience raising their hands as they performed all their original pieces. Working hard to promote their new single Enough, they certainly did not hold back in giving a high-energy performance to their fans.

After leaving a mark last year at our fringe event, Tell Lie Vision was rightfully given their chance to shine on the big stage this year. The post-hardcore/alternative band wisely took advantage of this opportunity and even got everybody head banging to their original pieces. They successfully etched themselves in the minds of the crowd by ending their set off with their hit, Fireman.  One of the members even commented, “It feels right at home.”

New to the stage: Young blows the minds of the audience by bringing something different to the IGNITE! stage. PHOTO BY: KRISTEL JOY WILLIAM

With their blend of different genres from hardcore punk, hip-hop and rap, Young was a crowd pleaser. Spectators chorused along to songs the band belted out from their new album, Full Circle. Young was even generous enough to give a few lucky fans a free copy of their EP. For first-timers, the band certainly didn’t disappoint.

Bear Culture returned home to raise the bar even further. The alternative rock/progressive band performed originals as they got everyone pumped and screaming along to their lyrics. The crowd was feeling the vibe as the RP alumni smashed it on stage. They certainly left everyone wanting more.
Back for their second year in a row, melodic punk-rock band, Iman’s League took the stage and had the crowd bouncing on their feet. The three-man band came back with a new look switching up their style. Sadly, today was the last time they played their well-known song, “Lisa” , in Singapore. The crowd was upset but still sang their hearts out. By the end of the set, their fans were chanting for an encore.

WhatsApp Image 2016-07-30 at 23.22.16.jpeg
One for the road: Plain sunset performs for the last time to wrap up IGNITE! Music Festival 2016. PHOTO BY: SERI AZILIA
Concluding IGNITE! Music Festival 2016 was our headlining band, Plainsunset. This is the band that has been through it all. The gig-goers went all old school with them as they played their classic, “Postcards from Paradise”. IGNITE! Music Festival is more than honoured to have them on stage as the band performs for the very last time at a music festival.
After months of hard work, we’re sad to bid goodbye to IGNITE! Music Festival 2016. If you missed out on our 2 days of pure local tunes, make sure to be here next year for our 10th anniversary!

IGNITE! Music Festival
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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Best Of IGNITE! Day 1

by: Afiq Naqiuddin, Kristel Joy William and Foong Yuen Ting

IGNITE! Music Festival is here again this year for their Ninth year in Republic Polytechnic (RP). It was a good first day for the festival as the crowd was brought onto a fun and chilled ride from start to end. The day boasted an amazing line-up with Take Two headlining the show.

Can’t Get Anymore Ignited Than This: The crowd shared their enthusiasm and showed their appreciation with their hands up and voices loud. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

The show was kicked off by an extremely electric set by our Band Auditions runner-up, Effective Public Transport. The progressive quintet performed 4 of their original pieces including their iconic song, “Condescending Lizard”. Needless to say, they definitely threw the show into full gear.

Next to take the stage, our very own Jammerz Arena (JA). Having earned their reputation as a musical act that you don’t want to miss, they were totally unafraid to set the stage ablaze. Debuting their cover of Two Door Cinema Club’s "What You Know", they had the crowd jumping with them. Thanks to their set, the already excited gig-goers got more heated for the festival.

All Passion: Front-woman Sherlyn of Disco Hue going all out to tug at the souls of the crowd. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

Our next act, Disco Hue, is still riding on their crazy wave of success and completely impressed the crowd. The five-piece band’s performance got the crowd moving to their electro-pop beat right from the start of their set. Performing 6 of their original songs, they have shown the crowd their colours – and everyone is buying it.

Making her own IGNITE! debut, Linying took advantage of the crowd's vibes and brought them to a whole new level of feeling good. The young songbird enticed everyone with her angelic soft voice and slow beats through her original pieces. Her cool vibes helped the crowd emotionally prepare for the next set.

Stop For The Selfie: They might have been in the midst of their set but Stopgap proved that there’s always time for a quick selfie. PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

The high-energy, five-piece indie rock band Stopgap makes their return to the IGNITE! stage and gets the spectator’s hearts pumping. Seeing them have fun on stage, it didn’t take very long for everybody to get up on their feet to jump and dance along to their fast-tempo originals. The band’s performance kept the energy levels of the crowd at an all-time high.

The Brittle Bones’ short introduction got the crowd begging for more of his unique classical folk and electronica hybrid sounds. His IGNITE! debut was incredibly impressive as he got everyone swaying to the rhythm of his music. The young soloist totally brought something new to the festival and the crowd showed their utmost appreciation for him.

Making his huge return to the IGNITE! stage for the second year in a row, THELIONCITYBOY did not disappoint. His fans made their presence known as they bopped, jumped and screamed watching their idol do his thing on stage. The surprise entrance of The Sam Willows’ heartthrob Benjamin Kheng only drove the crowd into a frenzy. The IGNITE! crowd was promised a good time, and THELIONCITYBOY totally helped to deliver.

Special Thanks: On behalf of #IGNITEBESTCREWEVER, we'd like to give our huge thanks to David of Take Two for coming back from his honeymoon for us! PHOTO BY: RACHEL NG

Our headliners for the night, Take Two did not waste their opportunity on the IGNITE! stage. They gave the crowd an unforgettable performance to dance to. Despite being the last act of the night, they managed to keep the energy high in the crowd with their indie-pop groove. Not to forget, a huge special shout out to one of the quintets, David, for coming back from his honeymoon just to grace us on this special night.

Feel bad for not being here to experience the festival for yourself? Well, don’t beat yourself up. Come on down to RP’s Lawn on the 30th of July tomorrow to catch Band Auditions winners Fader, our very own Replug, Plainsunset and a lot more!

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Introducing the acts of day one!

Written by: Judith Ann Kumar and Christie Foong

Guess what? It's time to bring out the big guns. IGNITE! Music festival 2016 boasts a good mix of genres in its line up this year. Here's a run down on the acts you can rock out to at day one of IGNITE!

Efficient Public Transport (EPT) is an alternative rock band consisting of 5 members. With their blend of melodies and tunes, the band is "sure to strike a chord with your inner rebel". They've previously played on stages like Shine Festival and Noise Singapore Festival. As the runner-up for the IGNITE! Band Auditions 2016, EPT has earned their spot to play on the IGNITE! stage.

Efficient Public Transport

Jammerz Arena is an Interest Group from Republic Polytechnic that consists of students from all walks of life coming together with the same passion, making music. Join Jammerz Arena as they come together to perform on the IGNITE! stage this year!

Jammerz Arena

The 5-piece indie rock band Take Two is no stranger to the local music scene. Back again for the 2nd year, the band has played on other stages like Baybeats 2015 and Shine Festival 2016. They've even played for audiences in Spain, Malaysia, Thailand and China. 

Take Two

Rapper, producer and music activist - THELIONCITYBOY - is back on the IGNITE! stage! Well known in the local music industry for his hip hop music, you wouldn't want to miss it.


Singer-songwriter and producer, Linying has already made her way up to Spotify's American and global viral 50 chart with her first solo release, Sticky Leaves. 


Formed in 2011, the indie-rock band "strives to create music that's not only heard, but felt". Last year, Stopgap launched Totems, their debut full-length album.


These Brittle Bones (Chris Jones) is a singer-songwriter from the UK who's based in Singapore. The 17-year-old's genre of music includes  ambient/electronic. He released "Instinct" in March 2016, the first single in his upcoming EP titled "Effects". 

These Brittle Bones

Disco Hue is a 4-piece electronic pop band. They recently released their Debut EP titled Arcade, which charted 2nd on the iTunes Pop Chart in Singapore. The band will be having a release party in Japan on the 6th August 2016.

Disco Hue

A progressive start with EPT, and a chill vibe to end the night with Disco Hue, there is so much in store for you at IGNITE! Make sure you don't miss this chance to check out these homegrown acts at their best and brightest on the festival stage tonight! First band begins 4,30pm. See you there! 

Also, do subscribe to our YouTube channel for more interviews with other local bands!

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Friday, 15 July 2016

5 music spots to IGNITE! Your music knowledge

Written By: Nidhi Sunil

Expand your music knowledge by heading down to one of these spots now. Ranging from metal funk to indie music, these places have a certain element to it that allows you to embrace and submerge yourself into the tunes.

Aliwal Arts Centre


Other than PINK NOIZE, this is the next place to indulge yourself in metal rock and punk music. Run by a not-for-profit organization, Arts House Limited, Aliwal focuses on bringing arts to live through this place. If you feel the need to unwind with some hard metal songs then Aliwal just might be your next choice of hangout.


For those of you who live to café hop, this might be the next best thing on your list! Situated at Kampong Glam, this part café part art gallery also welcomes different genres of music to be played in their café. From acoustic to in-house jazz, Artistry introduces all kinds of music to their customers. What better way to end off a busy week than to sip on a nice cup of tea and listen to new songwriters emerge from the shadows aye?

Going Om

Don’t want to hear people screaming at the top of their lungs cheering for the band they love and just want some peace and quiet?

Just say…OM…

Relax your mind and soul with the authentic performances at this Haji Lane bar and cafe! Engross yourself in the talented acoustic musicians whom busk and entertain the crowd as they enjoy the simple but tasty snacks Going Om has to offer. Next time you pass by Haji Lane remember…OM…


Love the concept of good food and great music but want something closer to you? Don’t worry! Timbre, a bar that offers relaxing and entertaining music with great food, is located in three spots in Singapore; Timbre @ The Substation, Timbre @ The Arts House and Timbre @ Gilman. Pick the hub closest to you and enjoy impeccable live music from people of different walks of life!

Blu Jaz Café

Other than having the occasional live music sessions, the Blujaz café also hosts multiple other events such as DJ Nights, and even allow you to host your own musical event! This is a café that is also situated in Haji Lane. Many come here to relax and enjoy the cozy ambience with a tinge of different musical element on the daily. Head on down Kampong Glam to get your fill of it today!

Music is a part of all of us. Some see it as a form of relaxation and others might see it as a lifestyle choice. Either way, it is something that is appreciated! Be it the lyrics or the tune itself. A composition is a delicate piece of artwork that has evolved with us. These places in Singapore appreciate this artwork. So do enjoy and relax to the different genres and variations that they have to offer!


Written by: Christie Foong

The highly anticipated IGNITE! Music Festival is back in its 9th year. Before we get on with the show, we’ve got a myriad of fringe events in store for you. So mark your calendars & be sure to join us! 

Flame on! & Radiance are 2 events you wouldn’t want to miss. Flame on! is a fringe event that showcases Jammerz Arena (JA), one of the most popular interest groups (IG) on the RP campus. Fun fact: Did you know that the members of Tell Lie Vision and Bear Culture are from JA? On the other hand, Radiance showcases Replug, an acoustic IG in RP that expresses themselves as raw as possible through unplugged music. RP’s Jammerz Arena & Replug will be performing on the 20th & 21st July respectively. 

IGNITE! Band Auditions. Our Top 8 finalists from the band auditions will be showing their stuff at the South Agora stage on the 22nd July (TGIF!). What better way to spend your Friday than discovering local talent? From metal to alternative rock to chilled, we have a blend of bands from different music genres coming to battle it out for the chance to play at #IGNITEMUSICFEST. Many have released their own EPs and you might have caught some of them playing at big local stages like Shine Festival and the Singapore Street Festival.

Time for a flash mob! Yes, IGNITE! Takes On Town is back! Continuing the tradition, our IGNITE! crew, joined with members from various IGs, will be taking the streets of Orchard by storm once again. Our crew will be decked out in red and black cheering their hearts out. Snapchat, post, tweet or Instagram us if you see us roaming around and don’t forget to use the hashtag #IGNITEMUSICFEST. We’ll also streaming the flash mob live on Twitter so keep a lookout for our social media sites. This is truly a highlight event not to be missed.
Here’s a peek at what went down at last year’s #IGNITEMUSICFEST! If you’re lucky, who knows? Maybe you’ll catch us in the act again on the 23rd July! 

In case you missed out on the fun last year, here's a quick recap! 

You might have heard their stuff during Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP), SpinCity or Raveyard. Back with “IGNITION II”, RP's very own Electronic Music Production (EMP) IG will be sure to put on a show for you to rave to on the 25th July. 

Last year, we were graced with the lovely Anise SG and Christiane Mikaela for our series of Chill @ The Reel. This year however, there's a change in venue, but with the same vibes if not better. If you’re looking to chill out and enjoy some music, grab a bite and pop by during your breaks to jive to the tunes of local artists and RP’s very own musicians. They’ll be busking at South Agora on the 7th July. Curious about who the talents are? Well, you’ll have to be there to find out!

photo credit to djsentersg

Steps on how to be a DJ: attend our DJ class 101 on the 28th July. Conducted by DJsENTER, they'll teach you the technical know-how of music production. Offering a hands-on workshop from DJing to music production, this isn't an opportunity you can grab every day. Bring your friends along to attend the workshop together!

Along with various other workshops, we have a multitude of events lined up for you. There won’t be a day in the week isn’t packed with new activities for you to experience. With all these fringe events leading up to the main show, we’re sure you’re just as pumped up for the festival as we are!

Make sure you’re following us on our IGNITE! social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the exciting events happening. Tag us in your posts and share your experiences with us! #IGNITEMUSICFEST will be held on the 29th and 30th July 2016 so be sure not to miss out. See ya there!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Written by Maisarah Dhaniyah Bte Noorsham Affandi

What’s a festival without anything to nibble or munch on while you enjoy the awesome local music played live?
IGNITE! Music Festival is back this year with fresh flavours to satisfy your tingling taste buds. And what’s more awesome is that we have decided to pair these delicious food & drinks with the acts performing this year just for local music and food lovers like you!

First up in our menu this year is the ever popular Soi 55! With 5 different flavours to choose from either honey or milk, these drinks are sure to quench your thirst after enjoying every performance we have in store for you! Imagine having a bottle of Thai Milk Tea with you where you can easily keep in your bag while you go crazy with the music for hours without having to worry about it spilling. Exactly. Pure convenience!

These refreshing drinks can be paired with refreshing songs by our acts, Disco Hue, Linying and These Brittle Bones!
Soi 55
Level 5, The Cathay


If you are born in the 90s which we’re pretty sure you are, these sweet local treats, just like the sweet local music playing live, will leave you wanting more! Ranging from those figure eight aluminium chocolates to the little sweets in a mini baby bottle you used to buy when you were still a kid, 90s Candy Society will definitely bring back memories to you & your friends. Bring your friends along so you guys can enjoy the bundle pack!

These 90’s sweet treats can be paired with songs from two of our seasoned acts like Plainsunset & THELIONCITYBOY!
90s Candy Society

Of course, reading all that must have made you think about desserts. We got that covered for you! For their second year with us, Pong Gelato’s popular Coconut Gelato & Sorbets will be sure to help to cool your tonsils down from all that screaming for the awesome local acts we have lined up for you guys! Health conscious? Don’t worry! Their Coconut Gelato & Sorbets are lactose-free and are rich with vitamins and minerals to sustain you throughout the night.
Pong Gelato can be paired up with acts like The Summer State, Stopgap and Take Two since you’ll be singing along to their catchy tunes!
Pong Gelato
Scape 2 Orchard Link, #02-18C, Singapore 237978

We not only have Churros for you at #IGNITEMUSICFEST this year but we also have one of the most popular halal waffles from ZULOS! Imagine having waffles with a generous amount of sauce & toppings of your choice while chilling out and listening to your favourite acts from this year’s line-up. We promise it will be worth it!

One act that will definitely help to make the waffles taste better than it already will, is Young!
612 Clementi West Street 1, Block 612, Singapore 120612

Never tried anything called the Cuban Sandwich or a Halal Mojito before? To put it simply, a Cuban Sandwich from Black Boys Cubanos is a sandwich filled with Pulled Beef/Chicken with lots of vegetables. On the other hand, Halal Mojito is a non-alcoholic drink that is made just as well as a normal Mojito - just without the rum!

 Not to worry because this year at #IGNITEMUSICFEST, the Black Boys Cubanos are coming in to take over the Subway of our campus especially for the Muslims because it is Muslim owned! And what would be better than having a Halal Mojito made fresh to pair it up with the Halal Cuban Sandwich?

What about having your Cuban Sandwich and Halal Mojito whilst listening to power packed performances from acts like Iman’s League & Bear Culture? We get that, mhmm!
Black Boys Cubanos
451 Marine Parade Singapore

Imagine having a cup of coffee with a cup of satay. Old but Gold. Popular foods back in the day presented in a modern way. Some might be sceptical about this idea because it might lose its essence but we assure you, it tastes just like the original! The coffee is brewed to perfection using fresh coffee beans and the satay although prepared differently, tastes great - if not better than your favourite traditional dish. Trust us on this and try it for yourselves at #IGNITEMUSICFEST!

One act that you can definitely pair this up with will be Tell Lie Vision where their songs have a familiar tune that can get you hyped up and pumped up after a good caffeine fix!

The ChiefSG

We’re pretty sure you would want to know more about all these tantalizing treats. So mark your calendars for the 29th and 30th of July, Friday and Saturday to grab them all at #IGNITEMUSICFEST 2016!
See you there!